• Merbabu
    Indonesia,  Short Trips

    Mount Merbabu (3,145m): A Detailed Guide to Hiking Mount Merbabu

    Mount Merbabu (3,145m) is a dormant stratovolcano, located on the Java island of Indonesia nearby Jogjakarta. The name Merbabu is also known as the ‘Mountain of Ash’ from the Javanese combined words; of “Meru” for mountain and “awu or abu“ for “ash”. To me, Mount Merbabu (3,145m) is like the calm quiet sister to the temperamental and fiery Mount Merapi (2,930m) which lies right across it. It is often overshadowed by the presence and popularity of the more famous Mount Merapi. Comparatively, there are very few foreigners or Singaporeans who would attempt Mount Merbabu. However, it is an extremely popular destination for locals due to the numerous camping points and various trek routes. The Mount Merbabu trek takes around up(1 way)…

  • Gunung Belumut
    Hiking,  Malaysia,  Short Trips

    Gunung Belumut (1,010m): Kluang’s “tougher” mountain

    Gunung Belumut (1,010m), is located in Kluang, Johor, Malaysia, just beside the other more popular hike, Gunung Lambak. The name “Belumut” is supposedly derived from the word ‘Berlumut’, which kinda means mossy. The trail itself isn’t really mossy, but I can tell you it is definitely forest-y. The hike itself isn’t particularly difficult even though it might seem higher than Gunung Lambak or Gunung Datuk. In fact, at 1,010, the third tallest mountain in Johor, and slightly shorter than Gunung Ledang or Mount Ophir. Therefore, many people use Gunung Belumut as a training hike, to prepare them for tougher hikes like Kinabalu or Mount Ophir/Gunung Ledang. Gunung Belumut is frankly not the…

  • Gunung Angsi
    Hiking,  Malaysia,  Short Trips

    Gunung Angsi (825m): Trans Hike via Ulu Bendul – Bukit Putus

    Gunung Angsi (825m), is located in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Many people compare it to the other hike in Negeri Sembilan, Gunung Datuk (885m), as it is similar in height and in the same area. The good thing about Gunung Angsi is that it has 2 different trails to the summit. One can choose to ascend from either Ulu Bendul, or from Bukit Putus. This means that you can do a “trans hike”, or a loop, ascending from one trail and descending from the other. However, there is a 4 km distance between both trail-heads, so if you do a trans hike you would have to cross that distance! The trail…

  • Broga Hill
    Hiking,  Malaysia,  Short Trips

    Broga Hill (400m): A Detailed Guide to Hiking Broga by Yourself

    Broga Hill (400m), also known as “Bukit Lalang” by the locals is located in Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia, and just about 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur. It is an extremely popular weekend hike because of its panoramic view and various viewpoints (3 hilltops). This is especially so for most Malaysians, or for the urbanites who live in KL. For Singaporeans, it is a popular beginner sunrise hike, one that gives you a chance to see the “sea of clouds”. I honestly think the idea of seeing the “sea of clouds” is overrated. It is a beautiful sight for sure, but you see it in almost every hike in Asia. In…

  • Lambak
    Datuk,  Hiking,  Malaysia,  Short Trips

    Gunung Lambak (510m): A Detailed Guide to Hiking Kluang’s Mountain

    Gunung Lambak (510m) is located in Kluang District, Johor, Malaysia, 2 hours from Singapore. It is another extremely popular hike in Malaysia for both locals and Singaporeans. It is free to hike with no logistical hassle, short in duration (~2h of hiking), has a variety of routes and also only a short distance from Singapore. Additionally, one can easily combine it with some famous Kluang coffee for a day trip from Singapore! Don’t be confused with Klang (which is much further away) However, the hike itself isn’t particularly spectacular. There isn’t much of a view at the top of the summit. It can also be quite confusing as there are…

  • High Junk Peak
    Hiking,  Short Trips

    High Junk Peak: Short and Fun Day-Hike in Hong Kong!

    High Junk Peak (344m) has a weird but distinct English name and is one of the lesser known hikes in Hong Kong to foreigners (as compared to Dragon’s Back etc). It is also known as one of the 3 “treacherous peaks” or the easiest of the three sharpest peak in Hong Kong. The summit of High Junk Peak stands at 344m, which is actually just a hill if you think about it. The hike itself is reasonably short dayhike, achievable within 2 hours, and isn’t all that challenging. However, it is the highest accessible point on the Clear Water Bay Peninsula, overlooking the magnificent Clear Water Bay. The peak itself…

  • Asahan
    Hiking,  Malaysia,  Ophir

    All You Need To Know About The Asahan Trail For Gunung Ledang/Mount Ophir!

    Gunung Ledang (1,276m), or Mount Ophir, is a popular hiking destination for amateurs or first-time hikers. Gunung Ledang/Mount Ophir is only 1,276 m but it is the highest mountain in Johor, Malaysia. There are 2 main trails to the summit. The commonly used Sagil trail (or also know as Lagenda) and the lesser known and supposedly tougher Asahan trail. To find up more about the Sagil trail, you can read up on my original post. This post concerns the lesser known and used Asahan Trail.  I only decided to do the Asahan trail because I was quite bored of organizing the Sagil trail. The Asahan Trail is a slightly more…

  • Kerinci
    Hiking,  Indonesia,  Kerinci,  Semeru

    All You Need To Know About Hiking Mount Kerinci (3,805m): Indonesia Highest Volcano!

    Introduction Mount Kerinci (3,805 m) is the highest volcano in Indonesia and the highest mountain in Sumatra.  It is still an active volcano and is part of the Kerinci Seblat National Park, the largest national park in Sumatra Island, Indonesia and also home to the endangered species of Sumatran Tigers and Rhinoceros.  Luckily or unluckily, you don’t get to see Sumatran Tigers or Rhinos, that is the other side of the mountain where it is of course off-limits to casual hikers like us. Having done many Indonesian mountains before this, Kerinci was not high on my priority list. I have heard that it wasn’t that pleasant a trek and didn’t have…

  • Kerinci
    Hiking,  Indonesia,  Kerinci

    Planning A Trip to Mount Kerinci (3,805m): Indonesia Highest Volcano!

    Introduction Mount Kerinci (3,805 m) is the highest volcano in Indonesia and the highest mountain in Sumatra. It is surprisingly quite straight forward to plan a trip to hike Mount Kerinci, the only difficult thing being deciding the transport options. Mount Kerinci is still an active volcano and is part of the Kerinci Seblat National Park, the largest national park in Sumatra Island, Indonesia and also home to the endangered species of Sumatran Tigers and Rhinoceros.  The trek can be quite a strenuous 2D1N climb. The altitude gain is longer than I expected. Be prepared for a raw experience and a muddy climb through the thick foliage of the jungle. It also gives…

  • Okavango Delta
    Botswana,  Short Trips

    A Guide to 1 Day in Okavango Delta from Maun

    Introduction Okavango Delta is an amazing once in a lifetime experience due to its pristine wildernesses. The Okavango Delta isn’t a hilly wetlands, but like a flat wetlands with a myriad of meandering waterways where the height variation across the delta is less than 2 metres. These magical mysterious pathways whisper the secrets of nature as you traverse across. The water in the Delta actually hails from the Okavango river which flows all the way from another country; the Angolan highlands into the Kalahari Desert. Just imagine an oasis in the middle of a dessert, except instead of a small water sprout, imagine a huge wetlands of up to 22,000…

  • Kazungula Border
    Short Trips,  Zambia

    How to DIY local transport overland from Zambia to Botswana in 1 day: Livingstone -> Kasane -> Maun via Kazungula border crossing

    I generally do not like travelling by plane just to visit places. In fact, given a choice, I prefer to travel overland even if it was a 18 hour bus ride because it gives me a sense of the local life and a glimpse of the area where the transport passes through. I like to fill up the gaps in the map of my mind. As part of Southern-Eastern Africa Itinerary, we had taken only 1 flight to visit the UNESCO Heritage site Victoria Falls. From then on, the plan was to travel overland by local transport all the way back down to Johannesburg. From Livingstone city in Zambia, we…

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