Climbing Mount Bromo : The alternative backpacking route

Climbing Mount Bromo : The alternative backpacking route

Surabaya – Mount Bromo – Malang

Looking for a weekend getaway?

Hiking Mount Bromo(2,329m) is a simple trip that can be easily done over a weekend. In fact, only 1 day is needed for Mount Bromo. It only takes 15 minutes to climb Mount Bromo from the base of it.

Most travellers either book a pre-arranged tour or take the conventional route which is from Surabaya – Mount Bromo – Yogya/Surabaya. This is almost always done through the Probolinggo Bus Terminal Route.

My suggestion is to do this alternative circular route, which pays a visit to Malang. From Bromo – Malang, the trip itself takes you through the mountains and exceptional scenery. Malang itself is also an amazing city that is worth a visit. From there, you can take a cheap bus back to Surabaya to complete the trip.

Surabaya Route

It is a very cheap trip that can be completed within a budget of $200-$300, depending on how you travel and eat. Travelling with more people reduces the price of transport. Listed below are my essential trip expenses and is my suggested way of doing it. This is just a reference for the prices you can look for especially when haggling for transport prices. It should be a very good gauge. Buses are pretty much standardized rates, but shared vans and motorbikes require haggling. I was travelling with one friend, who happened to be an Indonesian Chinese ( thank god) so she did all the haggling. There is also an entrance fee to Mount Bromo, which has been increased to a crazy expensive rate. The current ticket fee stands at IDR 10,000 for Indonesians and for foreigners it has increased from IDR 75,000 in 2013 to IDR 217,500 or 320,000 on weekends and on public holidays since May 2014. However, there are a few ways to avoid this which will be explained later.

Essential Trip Expenses :

Budget for Trip : SGD 200-300

Flight –
Tiger Airlines SG-Surabaya Return Trip : SGD $144

Accommodation –
Yog Homestay @ Cemero Lawang : 150,000 IDR
Hotel Helios Deluxe Room @ Malang : 175,000 IDR

Transport –

Surabaya – Bromo
Taxi Transport from Surabaya Airport to Cemero Lawang : 550,000 IDR
Ojek (Motorcycle Taxi) down Mount Penanjakan to Bromo : 75,000 IDR
Ojek to Ceremo Lawang from Bromo : 25,000 IDR

Bromo – Malang
Ojek to Tumpang : 125,000 IDR
Angkot(Mini-Van) from Tumpang to Malang : 8,000 IDR
Angkot to Arjosari Bus Terminal : 4,000 IDR

Bus from Malang – Surabaya : 25,000 IDR
Damri Bus from Surabaya Bus Terminal – Airport : 25,000 IDR

Others – 
Airport Tax : 200,000 IDR

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