Gunung Rinjani : The trek you will never forget

Gunung Rinjani : The trek you will never forget

Day 03: Senaru Crater Rim(2.641m) – Senaru Village (601m)

“Are we there yet? I can’t feel my legs”

Begin: Senaru Crater Rim 2,641m ; End: Senaru Village 601m

Elevation gain : -2040m 

Time: ~5 hours of walking but feels like forever

Its a cold morning, but the view at sunrise is beautiful as usual. I woke up, just wandering around as the porters make our breakfast and enjoy the view. From this vantage point you can see in the distance a similar view as the summit, the gili islands across the ocean, Gunung Agung and the coast of Lombok island.Also, up the hill are all the other camps. Looking at the porters and guides who see this every other day, I wonder what I’ll think of if I come here so often.

Campsites lined up the trail. The view is way more beautiful than this shot.
Watch the morning glow embrace the rolling hills
What muse do they have with every wonder nature provides them?



V for victory. That’s the only reason why this picture is here.



So long summit, I missed you…not. Amazing how we were at the top just 24h ago.


Wasn’t joking about the view from the toilet. Is that AGUNG??


Pack up bros. Last stretch of your worst fears is coming.


After breakfast, it is the knee breaking exercise. It is just a descent all the way, to me it was almost equally mentally challenging as the summit.



The first hour drops very steeply though high elevation grassland via a shelter at Cemara Lima (2,480m). The paths was narrow such that I was jumping off the side walls. I wished I was as agile or used to going downhill like the Swiss people on my team, perhaps I just have a bad sense of balance.”


Once we reach the trees, and it gets more gradual, with the last part running through the forest. There are many birds and beautiful butterflies that will mesmerize you along the way which was quite enjoyable, but my knees were hurting, feeling the pain to the bones, I need milk for it. By then, I was numb to the pain and just moving forward without thinking, hoping, and continuously hoping it will end soon.


When the ground finally became flat, and I could see the gate before me, it was a wave of relief, that this “torture” had reached an end. We just sat around for a short lunch, before being brought back to the guide’s house to get our stuff.

Some uphill warmup to stretch our legs
and…down we go!
down down down (reminds me of a song)
Past boulders to grassy plains
We have to reach the bottom??
I hope the guides brought me a parachute.
Running cause walking is way too slow and easy
Frankly, this amazing view while you walk down?
and the porters carry stuff like that for 3-4 days. I shall stop complaining now.
The man of the moment, the young porters
Chopping wood, because we need fire.
It says, “WARNING! You are reaching the end of your amazing trip, please turn back and walk up again!”
You’ll orgasm when you see this sign, I swear.
Goodbye Lombok!

After that, we stayed an extra day in Lombok and took the slow ferry back to Bali.

That sums up the trip! It was an amazing trip, one that would leave your body aching for the next 3 days.

“I thought of whether I would do it again.”

I highly doubt it, I can’t imagine myself going through those 3 days again.

But, for everyone else who have not done it, please do, I beg you, attempt to climb Rinjani once in my lifetime. It will change you.


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8 thoughts on “Gunung Rinjani : The trek you will never forget”

  • Wah you can still narrate in such detail from so long ago. Airasia flies direct to lombok from sg too

  • Such a detailed post about Rinjani! Totally the exact information I was looking to find. Planning to go this coming June/July. Thank for all the useful tips! Would like to ask if you were to do it again (IF.. xD) would you choose 3 days again or 4 days trek? I am reasonably fit (or should i say was?), been to Mount Batur and Mount Kinabalu and used to hike once in a while in Malaysia. Would you recommend me to take 3 days or 4 days trek? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hi Johnny,


      I think the decision of whether to do 3 or 4 days lies with the company and the type of trekker you are. For me, if I had good company and all of us wish and love to spend more time on the mountains, I would choose 4 days because it is more relaxing going down. Going up is still the same if you do Sembalun route. It is nice to spend time at the lake with your friends, provided the weather is good.

      But if you are the kind that is there just to conquer the mountain, 3 days is better. It can be pretty crowded in Rinjani and one can have way better food and better rest in Lombok ha!

      If you go by Sembalun route which I recommend, fitness doesn’t make a difference to why you choose 3 or 4 days because the 1st day and summmit day is the same for both itineraries. Therefore the only difference is whether you wish to rest at the lake after summit or not.

      I hope this helps!

      If you are looking for someone to plan the trip for you, I can plan it for you too =)

      • Hey was going through all over the internet again before my trip (going to hike beginning of July) and then found my own comment in your blog LOL!!! Thank for your reply! Will be doing the 3D2N tour as my main goal is to summit and got to Bali. How should i contact you? I haven’t get the agent/company yet for my Rinjani hike.

  • Found this when I was googling on Rinjani. I’m not much of a hiker bt I was thinking of going up Rinjani in August. Will you say that it is easier to go via Sembalun rather than Senaru? And descend via Sembalun as well? I did read that Senaru was tough. Really appreciate your thoughts.

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