I am just an average Singaporean who wishes to explore the big wild world one step at a time.

I travel mainly by backpacking and try to go overland if possible. I love hiking and understanding the local culture. I also always try to integrate hiking and exploring into my trips. The idea is to DIY most of the time and to maximize value for what you can get. Over the years, the extent of being budget and value has slowly evolved.

I guess the greatest conundrum lies within the delicate balance of narcissism and appreciation of a place.

As humans we wish we have infinite time and money but that is never the case.  There are around 195 countries in the world right now. Even if I were to travel 1 country a year, a lifetime wouldn’t be enough, let alone 2.

Before my trip, I would do a lot of research and planning as I have almost an OCD for it. I would research on where to visit, what’s the best local food around and how to get to these places, at the maximum value which means lowest cost if possible with the least hassle.

Therefore, the concept of maximizing the trip is paramount to me.

I set up this website because I feel that there are too many people simply talking about how beautiful a place is, but not so much on the know-how or logistics of a place. I find many gaps in information and I hope that I plug those gaps and it is useful for like-minded travellers.

Also, I ended up setting my own travel company called Little Monsters Travel. This website still functions as a DIY info-hub for backpackers, but if you are lazy to DIY it or trust me to organize it for you, feel free to contact me! You can visit my website at or contact me on Facebook or Instagram!

For this blog, you can also follow me on Facebook  for post [email protected] : 

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