Hiking Clothes

Baselayer Shirt

Currently using : Minus33 Chocorua Men’s Midweight Wool Crew or Smartwool 250 Baselayer Crew

Price : 


Minus33 Merino Wool ShirtSmartwool Merino 250 Base Layer Shirt


A good baselayer shirt can make you really comfortable for your backpacking or hiking trip! This is because you can wear them for many days and not need to wash them!

Anything with Merino wool is good. Just started using these and it seems they dry out fast so you can wear them for many days. Seems comfortable enough for both warm and cold weather. Main issue is the sizing for Asians, make sure to get smaller sizes! I got M and it is too big.

Baselayer Pants

Currently using : Pantagonia or Heat-tech or Running Tights ( Decathlon Kalenji)

Pants are not so important because your legs are warmer usually and you can just wear a fleece down when you are sleeping. If the weather is hot, you won’t need a baselayer pants.

The running tights are more for comfort as they are easy to wash and dry. Heat Tech is pretty light weight and keeps you warm enough for above 0 degrees.


Currently using : Uniqlo Ultra Light down 

Uniqlo Ultra Light DownThis is very lightweight and accessible, making it easy to pack and good for casual trips. It also fits well because of asian sizing!

It is sufficient for my hiking trips because I have a good outer jacket or additional fleece if needed. There are definitely better down-jackets, but they are also usually a lot more expensive!

The glaring flaw with it is that it does not have a hood! I will soon look to get a downjacket with a hood.

Check out their advertisment video for more on how it looks like or this Packing lite reviewer.



Currently Using : North Face Gortex Pro Shell

Borrowed from my friend and it comes with a fleece. Waterproof and a solid windbreaker, that is all I ask for!

Trekking Pants

Currently using : Fake Arcteryx, Wolfskin and North Face trekking pants.

Honestly, there is no need for expensive trekking pants. I got decent ones in Kathmandu. Just get a cheap one so you can wear it for many days without needing to change!


Currently using : People’s Socks

Price : $25 USD for 4 pairs

People's Socks

Anything with Merino wool is awesome!


I tried using Fun Toes (50% Merino Wool) but 71% People Socks is definitely better. There is a 80% Merino Wool Fun Toes but I have not tried.

These socks are extremely comfortable. More importantly, it can be used in all weather conditions. I use it both for normal day hikes in tropical climate as well as for cold weather and summit hikes.

I bought mine from Amazon.



Currently using : Columbia Grant Pass 

Price : $150 SGD

Columbia Grant Pass Hiking Shoes


Got them in Singapore Columbia shop as I needed a mid-cut hiking shoe urgently for my Stok Kangri Trip. Not the best, but comfortable enough for normal hiking and backpacking trips! It is better than Merrell I feel. It is already phased out by Columbia.



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